Friday, April 12, 2019

Stuart Hamm - 1991 "The Urge"

Stuart Hamm (born February 8, 1960) is an American bass guitar player, known for his session and live work with numerous artists as well as for his unconventional playing style and solo recordings.

The Urge is the third solo album released by bassist Stuart Hamm, released in 1991. It was the first of Hamm's solo albums to feature vocals, and included guest appearances by guitarist Eric Johnson and Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe. The song "Quahogs Anyone?" was recorded live at Santa Barbara on September 27, 1990.

Hamm's signature Fender bass guitar was also called "The Urge", and was followed by "The Urge II".

Music IS, after all a personal thing. I appreciate Hamm's virtuosity on electric bass (never thought I'd say that about a bass player, but there you go). I consider "Lone Star" one of the great rock guitar and bass instrumentals of all time. I give the album five stars based upon this song ALONE. FYI, I also consider Lone Star the best song Eric Johnson has ever recorded, and that's from someone who LOVEs "A Via Musicom", his Grammy Award Winning album.

This release of intrumental and vocal tracks features a mixture of rock, funk, and rap, with guest guitarist Eric Johnson.

Track listing:

    "Welcome to My World" – 1:36
    "The Hammer" – 4:53
    "Who Do You Want Me to Be Today?" – 6:07
    "If You're Scared, Stay Home!" – 5:32
    "Our Dreams" – 6:05
    "Lone Star" – 7:24
    "Quahogs Anyone? (119, 120 Whatever It Takes)" – 6:12
    "The Urge" – 7:09
    "As Children" – 6:01


Stuart Hamm - Bass guitar, Piccolo Bass, Vocals, Background Vocals and Keyboards
Eric Johnson - Electric Guitar on "Our Dreams and "Lone Star"
Harry K. Cody - Electric Guitar
Buzzy Feiten - Electric Guitar and Additional Vocals
Dawayne Bailey - Electric Guitar
Steve Recker - Electric Guitar
Micajah Ryan - Acoustic Guitar on "Our Dreams", Background Vocals, Mixing, Engineering
Jonathan Mover - Drums and Additional Vocals
Steve Smith - Drums
Tommy Mars - Background Vocals
Steve Madero Horns - Background Vocals, Additional Vocals
Tommy Lee - Additional Vocals
Tanya Papanicolas - Whisper
Shawn Berman - Vocals, Samples, Engineering Assistance
Bob Arkin - Additional Vocals
Bruce Hamm - Additional Vocals
Emily Ryan - Additional Vocals
Dan Goldberg - Additional Vocals
Jorge Bermudez - Additional Vocals, Percussion
Chris Hamm - Vocal Chant